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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Lord Mayors Show 2009

The Building Exploratory, Sebright Primary School, Heatherwick Studios and City Bridge Trust, braved gales and rain storms to take part in the Lord Mayor’s Show this year. Our float, a scale model of a 100 metre long opening bridge designed by one of the UK’s leading designers, Thomas Heatherwick, was part of the parade that travelled through the City of London.  Made from a laser-cut aluminium and timber, the float consisted of 40 moving segments which rolled and unrolled dozens of times during the procession, and which celebrated the 800th anniversary of the first stone crossing over the Thames.  Wearing themed T-shirts, we performed a routine echoing the movement of the bridge choreographed by contemporary dance company Candoco.  A great time was had by all despite the drizzle!

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