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Monday, 23 May 2011

Refurbish: the life and times of a tower block

To celebrate Lifelong Learning Week the Building Exploratory ran a special event for a group of 25 adults - 'Refurbish: the life and times of a tower block'.

The event began with a talk exploring the history of towers and the evolution through time of their use and design, before focusing on the architectural development of post war tower blocks in the UK. 

The group then went over to Grange Court, originally one of four tower blocks on the Holly Street Estate, where we met with Ken Gilmour, from the the Grange Court Tenants Management Organisation. Ken talked us through the re-development of Holly Street and answered questions about the management of Grange Court (the tower was refurbished as a block specifically for older people) . The event ended on a high with a very special opportunity to go up to the top of Grange Court from where the group enjoyed fantastic views (and many towers) across the whole of London.  

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