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Monday, 12 March 2012

Engaging Communities

Last week Janet delivered a CPD session on ‘Engaging Communtiites in the Design Process’ to an audience of 70 architects from Jestico & Whiles.  Following a discussion about why it is important to engage communities, Janet took the architects through the process of engagement that the Building Exploratory has developed and successfully delivered over a number of years.   
 Students from Sebright School at Heatherwick Studio, for the Lord Mayors Show 2009

Janet illustrated how we  uses a variety of resources to encourage our audiences to contemplate the nature of change in the local area.    She also explained how, through providing opportunities for discussion with a wide range of built environment professionals and stakeholders, audiences gain a broader understanding of the complexity of issues affecting their local urban landscape.  Using ‘Exploring Adventure’ and ‘Arundel Square’, as case studies, Janet illustrated some of the creative techniques that are essential to the Building Exploratory’s work to enhance audiences’ experience and investigations of architectural places and spaces.  A lively question and answer session followed.  

For more information, contact Janet Clark education@buildingexploratory.org.uk

Errect Architecture and the Building Exploratory - Kilburn Grange,  Exploring Adventure 2010

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