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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Haggeston's Architecture for Adult Learners' Week 2012

It was fortunate that the rain clouds cleared and the sun made an appearance for our walking tour of Haggerston’s architectural highlights on Saturday.  Lizzie led a group of 20 for this 2012 Adult Learners’ Week event, which explored the diversity of architecture in Haggerston: from a mid-nineteenth century garden square, to an Edwardian bath house, to a twentieth century modernist school. 

Participants developed their map-reading and observation skills to identify how and why changes have taken place to the built environment, particularly as a result of WWII bomb damage.  The group also gained an understanding of how population expansion and Victorian philanthropy changed the face of this south-Hackney ward. 

Whilst the tour focused on Albion Square, Haggerston Baths and Haggerston School, participants also got the opportunity to have a close look at Haggerston Estate, and see the some of the most recent additions to the ward’s architecture: The Bridge Academy and Hoxton Station, both nominees for Hackney Design Awards in recent years.

“Thanks for a really enjoyable tour of Haggerston architecture” – just one of the comments from our group of adult learners, who enjoyed seeing the historic maps and photographs, as well as Haggerston’s fascinating buildings.

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