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Thursday, 10 January 2013

National Science and Engineering Week 2013

15th - 24th March - Book Now!

'National Science & Engineering Week shines the spotlight each March on how the sciences, technology, engineering and maths relate to our everyday lives, and helps to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers with fun and participative events and activities'

The Building Exploratory's fantastic science and engineering workshops are designed to engage your students with learning in exciting and interactive ways. 

All of workshops are linked to the national curriculum across a wide range of subject areas, from maths, science and design technology and geography. Our creative activities allow the students we work with to develop a range of skills including observation, spatial awareness, creative problem solving and critical thinking.

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Workshops available

Building Bridges or Building the Stadium

In this workshop your class will learn about Forces in action as found in building and bridge construction. Children will gain an understanding of the crucial decisions engineers make when designing bridges and buildings and will learn how the interaction of forces determine which are the strongest shapes to use when building structures.  Working in teams, children participate in the Building Exploratory’s ‘bridge-building’ or ‘Olympic Stadium-building challenge.

Which team can apply their knowledge of forces to build the strongest structure?

Printing Planets

Reinforce your class’s learning from the Earth, Sun and Moon topic in this creative workshop. Children consider the features of each of the planets in the Solar System, and their relationship to the sun.  They discover the environmental and atmospheric conditions on the planets and learn how to represent them visually through mark-making, looking at the works of modern artists for inspiration. These new skills are then applied to making beautiful, ambient prints of the planets to display in your classroom.

Shelter: What from and what form? 

This workshop looks at natural features in a variety of environments and how a shelter can be constructed from locally-found materials.  Children work in project teams to agree the function of a shelter and how it will be designed and made.  Using model-making materials provided by the Building Exploratory, project teams build models of their shelters and present them to the class. 

Prices from as a little as £250 per workshop - Discounted packages available for multiple workshop bookings. Click here to contact us or call on 0207 6080 775

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