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Friday, 25 April 2014

Investigating Clapton's past and present

Yesterday we ran a walking tour to investigate buildings of the past and present in Clapton. The walk was one of a series of activities for older people we are running at NANAs. We set off from The Convenience in Brooksby’s Walk, following a route along Chatsworth Road, Glenarm Road, Lower Clapton Road and finally Clapton Pond.

We gave each participant a series of old photographs showing various locations along the route. The photographs included scenes of a vibrant Chatsworth Road market in the 1930s, WWII bomb damage, the classical architecture of the London Orphan Asylum (of which only the Portico remains - on Linscott Road) and grand Georgian houses, which have long gone. 

Each snapshot gave insight into how the area has changed and evolved over the years – a glimpse of a time gone by - generating discussion, debate and reminiscence amongst the group.

As well as looking at past changes the walk also provided an opportunity to take in more recent ones including new shops, cafes and homes and the conservation and refurbishment of historic buildings. At Clapton Pond the group were pleased to see how Pond House has been brought back to life but saddened to see that the Bishop Wood’s Almshouses (which date back to the 17th Century) have been shut down and boarded up.

The walk unlocked the buildings of the past but also generated discussion and debate about the change we see around us today.


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