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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Pop Up Pop Up opens today, Senior BEEs visit tomorrow!

Tomorrow our Senior BEEs will be catching up with Artist Hilary Powell to see her latest enterprise “Pop Up Pop Up” as part of which Hilary has set up a production line to produce pop-up books charting an imaginative history of the changing area of the Lea Valley.

 “Legend: an A-Z of the Lea Valley “is inspired by the people, places, past and present of this urban territory and made with the collaboration of a team of 'pop-up apprentices' (see above picture).

Do go and visit Sugar House Studios, the home to Pop Up Pop Up this weekend and participate in the immersive theatre of making a pop-up book that itself constructs a fantastic and kinetic narrative of the area it’s made in and about.


Location:  Sugar House Studios, 107 High Street, Stratford, London E15 2QQ
The production line is free to visit and there is no need to book.


*** Flashback ***

Hilary Powell has worked with The Building Exploratory in the past, visiting Hilary's studio in 2011 and Winning Places, a project linked to O.space, a nationwide programme by CABE that  used the excitement around the Olympics to inspire people about architecture and the built environment. Tune in to Hilary's films, to see the Senior BEEs tell tales of their sporting triumphs and challenges, and track their progress as they meet the designers of the 2012 Olympic Stadium.

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