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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Through the E20 viewfinders

What is there to do in the Olympic Park? Well if you’re 12 years old, you might be interested in the recent discovery of dinosaurs and mermaids.

The 12 year old cartographers at Chobham Academy are not simply mapping the park, but reinterpreting it too. Suggestions for future activities for young people include the grounded - rolling down hills (of course!) and climbing up new climbing walls positioned on the sides of the E20 blocks - to the over-excited - navigating kayaks with game consoles, tracking herds of roaming dinosaurs and even swimming with mermaids in the River Lea. 


All slightly fantastical perhaps, but they clearly demonstrate how the 12 year olds have grasped that E20 is an ever-changing part of London: Its emerging character will be as much defined by the people who use it, as by its designers.

Modular viewfinders, designed by the architects and wayfinders at Mobile Studio, have acted as lenses through which the students can project their ideas for the future. 

The views captured when the group built the viewfinders in the park will ultimately link to an online guide. The aim is to excite other young people about the Olympic Park’s potential to become many important things to many people, and to encourage them to see it is as their new back yard.


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