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Friday 11 March 2016

New Perspectives on Technology and Drawing for the Senior BEEs and Islington Eyes

This week our Senior BEEs and Islington Eyes groups participated in an iPad drawing workshop at the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). Guided by Wilson Yau, art teacher and RIBA’s Library Digital Outreach Manager, participants were encouraged to overcome their fears and reservations about their drawing abilities and to embrace new technology in a creative way.

In contrast to arguments that technology can be anti-social, isolating and promotes a sedentary lifestyle, the iPad technology had a positive effect on the groups making members feel more inclined to try and experiment with drawing, an activity they would not otherwise have considered.

Participants  also developed new skills in using technology, while gained a greater appreciation for the environment through closely observing the fabric of the building with its various wall carvings, textures, materials, and levels.

All in all, it was a challenging but rewarding experience, inspiring our group members to interact with the built environment in new ways. Here are some of the drawings that were created:



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