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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Senior Bee's Building Bridges

With the preparations for the Lord Mayor's Show on Saturday the 13th November in full swing, the Senior Bee's got involved in the fun through a fantastic talk and a bridge building challenge with project leader Lizzie Edwards.

Lizzie gave a wonderful talk on bridges and talked the group through the float design, explaining the process the Christchurch primary students and the designers went through to come up with the end product. The Bee's then took part in the same bridge building challenge that the students tried at the beginning of the project. Much laughter, friendly competition and team work saw the Bees' rise to the challenge and put what they had learnt about bridges into practice.

Now everyone is getting excited about the show and we look forward to some of the Bee's joining the students and our team as we accompany the float through the streets of the city next Saturday.

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