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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Workshops for 2012

It is a big year for London and the Olympics are creeping closer and closer! Our new package of Olympic Spirit workshops proved very popular last term and we are filling up fast for this term and next.

In October we worked with students from Berger Primary School in Hackney in our 'On your Marks' workshop down on the Greenway. Pupils got to grips with the geography and sustainability of the park and looked at the architecture and engineering of the fantastic new buildings.

In November students from Wellington Primary in Bow took part in our 'Mapping Spaces, Shaping Spaces: The Olympic Park' workshop, where they explored our collection of maps and photos and learnt about the history of the Olympic Park site and how the 2012 Games is affecting the East End.

If you would be interested in booking an Olympic Spirit workshop for your school, please give us a call on 020 7729 2011.

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