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Friday, 13 July 2012

A great end to the school term

Over the last five days we have been at Dersingham Primary School in Newham, delivering our ‘Mapping Spaces: The Olympic Park’ workshop. 

During the week 300 students at Dersingham primary have been developing their historic enquiry and geography skills, exploring the past, present and future of the Olympic Park.  


Teachers said of the workshops: 

The activities were interactive and engaging' (Yr 2 teacher)

Children kept moving, a good mix of pair and group work and given real materials to explore’ 
(Yr 4 teacher)

Visual aids and creativity were encouraged through discussion about materials and use of problem solving skills’ 

(Yr 2 teacher)

The teacher’s enthusiasm was matched by our staff, and workshop leader Niamh commented ‘it was great seeing the children's excitement as they began to understand how the Olympic Park came to be and discuss what it could be in the future’.

What a great end to a fantastic year for our schools programme! 

We are really looking forward to delivering our new workshops in the Autumn term, including one about the Blitz and the Victorians. Keep an eye on our website for the new programme - coming soon!

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