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Friday, 2 October 2015

Wandle Treasures Map Goes Live!

While our Wandle Treasures project has now officially come an end, we hope its legacy will live on.

As part of this legacy, we have created a Google Map plotting all the treasures researched by our volunteers. We would like to share this map, which hopefully demonstrates not only the rich heritage of the Wandle River area, but also the range of research work carried out by the project’s participants over the past year.

The treasures displayed on the map have been divided into different categories including Historic Buildings & Structures, Arts & Crafts, and Industrial Heritage. We hope that this helps to make the map a user-friendly resource that can continue to reveal and inform people about the fascinating history of this area of London, as well as be a rewarding tribute to the Wandle Treasures project itself.

Have a look at the map here:

* The Wandle Treasures is a volunteer-led local heritage project where we identify heritage treasures along the course of the River Wandle, which spans four London boroughs (Wandsworth, Merton, Sutton and Croydon). The final selection has been drawn by artist StephanieTheobald and will be uploaded to a website along with an interactive map. 

The project has been delivered in collaboration with Living Wandle Landscape Partnership Scheme as part of the Industrial Heritage Recording Project.  



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